1.  Does the jewelry come with a guarantee?

Of course, it is is called the Golden Guarantee.

2.  Is it hard to get an item replaced?

No, just contact me, either by email or through the Contact Me page on this site.  I will come pick up the broken piece and have the replacement sent right to your mailbox. :-)

3.  As a hostess, do I have to have a huge show to get some free jewelry?

No, Premier Designs’ Hostess Plan is Amazing!  A qualifying show is having one (1) guest in attendance and $100 in Retail Sales.  You can obviously earn more jewelry by having a bigger show, but even with a small show, you are well rewarded!  Check out the Hostess Benefits!

4.  As a hostess, do I have to go through everyone’s order and separate it?

No, all the jewelry is delivered to the Hostess, but when it comes it is already packed and separated by customer.  All you have to do is deliver it!

5.  How long does it take to receive the Jewelry?

Once the show is closed, the jewelry will be delivered to the Hostess in approximately two (2) weeks.

6.  Is the jewelry Sterling Silver?

We do have some Sterling but Premier Designs uses an electroplating process for their jewelry.  This means the jewelry is made with a harder base metal and then it is plated with a very high quality silver or gold plating.  We use the same silver and gold as fine jewelry, but the difference is that fine jewelry is that precious metal all the way through which accounts for the price difference.